Our mission is to inform, teach, promote, network and offer support to both SantaMaker's and our Santa Collector's from around the world.











The Santa Makers Guild (also known as The Santamakers Connection) is a gift to both our members and our visitors! We welcome you to have a long, enjoyable look around. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to view our pages! Membership is free and open to both Santa Artists and Collector's.  All skill levels are welcome to join.  Santamakers was founded in late 1995 & was originally geared toward dollmakers, but artists using other mediums to create Santa Claus started showing an interest in the Santamakers Community. 

To contact any of our artists about their work, web page links and contact information is available in a number of areas or by joining the forum. If you have any questions or comments or need additional assistance please feel free to contact one of the Santamaker's managers.

Our mission is to inform, teach, promote, network, share and offer support to both Santamaker's and our Santa Collector's from around the world. Collector's are encouraged to join our forum and post photos of your collections and ask questions.

The Santamakers Guild is a excellent way to promote your work & gain exposure.  All Santamaker members (guild & non-guild) receive limited access to the Photo Gallery & are permitted to create personal photo albums.  Santa Collector's are also welcome to create a personal album. (Forum membership required)

 Once you have been upgraded as a Guild Member you will receive full access to the Photo Gallery, be able to access "restricted" sections of the Forum and as a  Guild  Member you will be permitted to sale items in the Santamakers Guild Store (please read the rules).

Attention:  Santamaker members already registered to the Santamakers MSN & Yahoo Groups prior to 1/1/09: You are already considered a Guild Member!  Once you join the Forum, please click on GROUPS & request to be added to the Guild Group. (Remember, you must register first) Please provide your MSN or Yahoo username if possible. 



The MSN Groups service closed February 2009.

This will effect the MSN Santamakers Group. MSN migrated the group to Multiply.

Since the majority of Santamakers have found Multiply difficult to use, we have created a new forum & photo gallery in hopes of solving the dilemma.

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Foundwood Carvings
Millard Harrell

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