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Chat Guest

Who will be the next Claus Clatter chat guest?

We are always on the lookout for special guests for our chats. If you or someone you know has something to share with us and would be interested in becoming a special guest please contact us!

We welcome past guests to come back and chat with us again!


 Claus Clatter Chat Guidelines
for our guest chats

 Please read BEFORE
entering a Special Guest Chat!

Following are the guidelines for our guest chats.  These guidelines are an effort to assure that the chats run smoothly, cover as much information as we can, get questions answered from all our members (even those who can not participate directly) and not crash the boards in the process!                          

 Thanks in advance for your help and adherence.

  • A moderator will be presenting your questions (those pre-posted on the message boards) to guests in a pre-determined order of topics.

  • To post a follow-up question you will "PM" the question to the moderator in charge of the chat.  This is done by right clicking on the moderators username to the left of the dialog panel and choosing "Send a PM" from the list of options. This will keep guests from being over run by many questions all at once as well as duplicates.

  • We will try to make sure as many of the questions as possible get posted to the chat - however, we will be limiting each topic to a set time limit so I am sure we will not get to all of them.  Most guest agree to allow these questions to be emailed to them and will answer any we miss. These follow ups will be posted to the boards.

  • Any questions asked that are not PM'd to the chat moderator first will not be answered. Without this there would be no chance of staying on track and again, the goal is to learn as much from our guests as we can!

  • While you are not going to be posting questions,  it is a chat after all, and you are encouraged to be chatty!  Please feel free to post comments and information you feel is in keeping with the current thread.  Ohhs, ahhs, thanks, and even anecdotes and observations - just not questions.  We want our guests to know you're out there and into it!

See, that's it - not to many rules at all. Now, join us in the chat room and I hope you all have a wonderful time. See you in there! 

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Chat Times: Dates and times for chats will be announced on the message board along with any special information on guests and topics. They will also always be posted on the calendar along with the times for all US time zones (Our regular weekly chats will not always be posted). World time zones are available at for any of our members from around the world.



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